[11/12/2013] Dr. Valliappa Lakshmanan is visitting CCNY from CIMMS at U. of Oklahoma and NOAA  NSSL [Talk Flyer]

[08/01/2013] We won a 4-year NSF award (2013-2017) totaling $449,845  entitled "Spatial Data and Trajectory Data Management on GPUs" [NSF Award Page]

[07/07/2014] The first year report of our NSF project was apporved by NSF. We are looking forward to a productive second year.

[07/08/2014] I visited IBM T.J. Watson Resesarch Center and gave a talk entiled "High-Performance Processing of Large-Scale Geospatial Data on GPUs" to the IBM System G group.

[07/10/2014] Two high school students, Rabia Akhta (Stuyvesant High School) and Juliana Sempertegui (City College Academy of the Arts), together with their graduate student mentor Jose Pillich, joined the GeoTECI lab this summer through NOAA-CREST Summer High School Internship Program (SHIP) at CCNY. Welcome!       

[08/21/2014] I visited Pitney Bowes (PB) Strategic Technology and Innovation Center and gave a talk entiled "Large-Scale Spatial Data Management on New Hardware: A Case Study Using Taxi Trip Data in NYC". PB is the parent company of MapInfo,  a major GIS vendor. I have been using Mapinfo since version 4.0 back to early 1990s - great pleasure!

[08/22/2014] Our paper, entitled "Data Parallel Quadtree Indexing and Spatial Query Processing of Complex Polygon Data on GPUs" was accepted by the  Fifth International Workshop on Accelerating Data Management Systems Using Modern Processor and Storage Architectures (ADMS'14), collocated with VLDB'14 in Hangzhou, China (09/01-09/05)

[/12/24/2014] Our submission entitled "Large-Scale Spatial Join Query Processing in Cloud " is accepted by ICDE CloudDM'15 workshop.  The work provides high-level descriptions and performance comparisons of the SpatialSpark and ISP-MC prototypes that we we have developed.  The two systems are targeted for existing Cloud computing resources by using existing mature geometry libraries (JTS and GEOS, respective). The technical report version of the paper is here.

[01/06/2015] Our submission entitled "Scalable and Efficient Spatial Data Management on Multi-Core CPU and GPU Clusters: A Preliminary Implementation based on Impala" has been accepted by ICDE HardBD'15 workshop. By reusing ISP-MC framework, developing new AOS (Array of Structures) for geometry layout and integrating data parallel designs for efficient single-node compuitng, both ISP-MC+ (for multi-core CPU clusters) and ISP-GPU (for GPU-accelerated clusters) have achieved impressive performance. The technical report version of the paper is here.

[04/10/2015] Our paper entitled "Tiny GPU Cluster for Big Spatial Data: A Preliminary Performance Evaluation" was accepted by IEEE International Workshop on High-Performance Big Data Computing (HPBDC'15) workshop, colocated  with the main IEEE ICDCS'15 conference. Click here for the PDF file (6 formatted pages- IEEE Conf.).

[04/15/2015] Prof. W. Randolph Franklin from RPI visited our lab. Three talks were given by his research group. His talk, entitled "Algorithms, libraries, and development environments to process huge geoinformatic databases on modern hardware" is online

[05/03/2015] Our submission entitled "A Lightweight Distributed Execution Engine for Large-Scale Spatial Join Query Processing" is accepted by IEEE Big Data Congres 2015. The acceptance rate is 20% and it happens to be at NYC this year. Click here for the PDF file (8 formatted pages- IEEE Conf.).

05/12/2015] The GeoTECI lab received an unrestricted gift fund from Pitney Bowes Inc.,the parent company of MapInfo GIS,  to build collaboration on processing large-scale geospatial data in parallel and distributed computing environments.

[07/03/2015] Our submission entitled "Spatial Join Query Processing in Cloud: Analyzing Design Choices and Performance Comparisons" is accepted by IEEE ICPP/ HPC4BD workshop. Click here for the PDF file (8 formatted pages- IEEE Conf.) The paper compared HadoopGIS, SpatialHadoop and SpatialSpark and concludes that SpatialHadoop generally wins on robustness while SpatialSpark is a clear winner of efficiency/performance (largely due to in-memory processing on Spark). Data and steps to repeat the experiments will be posted online later. 

07/03/2015] A technical report entitled "High-Performance Partition-based and Broadcast-based Spatial Join on GPU-Accelerated Clusters" is released. Click here for the PDF file (10 formatted pages- IEEE Conf.)

[07/08/2015] I am one of the faculty to win Silicon Mechanics' fourth annual Research Cluster Grant
led by Prof. David Jeruzalmi (Chemistry and Biochemistry). The press release from CCNY is here. The specification of the cluster is here. The cluster, while small in scale, represents the most advanced architecture of most
recent clusters (including GPU and Infiniband).

[09/10/2015] While I was attending ICPP'15 in Beijing, China, I took the chance to visit LREIS of CAS, Nanjing Univesity, Peking University and Nanjing Normal University and talked with leading GIS researchers in China.

[10/09/2015] Our submission entitled "Prototyping A Web-based High-Performance Visual Analytics Platform for Origin-Destination Data: A Case study of NYC Taxi Trip Records" is accepted by ACM SIGSPATIAL  UrbanGIS'15 workshop.  Click here for a local copy.

[09/14/2015] Our submission entitled "Quadtree-Based Lightweight Data Compression for Large-Scale Geospatial Rasters on Multi-Core CPUs" is accetped by IEEE BigData'15 conference. Click here for a local copy.     

[10/05/2015] Our submission entitled "Efficient Parallel Zonal Statistics on Large-Scale Global Biodiversity Data on GPUs"
is accepted by ACM SIGSPATIAL BigSpatial'15 workshop.  Click here for a local copy.

[07/10/2015] CUNY Board of Trustees approved my tenure and promption recommeded by City College on 06/29. I am now an Associate Professor at the City College of New York (CUNY City College). I will be on sabbatical leave from CCNY 09/15-05/16.

[12/01/2015] In response to increasing interests on our work from students and colleagues from China, I have summarized our work over the past six years (2009-2015) in Chinese. The title is " 高 性能并行及分布式地理空间大数据处理技术和平台 及其在智慧城市中的应用"(9 pages). This also serves as an updated version of our SIGSPATIAL Special paper with extensions on techniques for distributed platforms. Click here for the PDF file (in Chinese).

[10/30/2016] Our paper, entitled " High-performance polyline intersection based spatial join on GPU-accelerated clusters", was accepted by ACM BigSpatial'16 workshop. Click here for a copy at ACM Digital Library.
[01/30/2017] I am offering two courses on GPU programming (and applications) for Spring 2017 semester: CSc59866 Capstone (Senior Design) GPU Programming in Server and Embedded Computing Environments for senior undergraduate students and CSc I0811 Massively Data Parallel Programming on GPUs for master students at CCNY. The undergraduate capstone course will also run through Fall 2017 semester.  This is the second time I teach a capstone course after the first one offered for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters on Web-based Geographical Information Systems (Web-GIS)
[02/01/2017] Our paper, entitled "Towards GPU-Accelerated Web-GIS for Query-Driven Visual Exploration", was accepted by  the 15th International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems (W2GIS). Click here for a local copy (16 pages, LNCS format). [02/01/2017] Our paper, entitled "Parallel Selectivity Estimation for Optimizing Multidimensional Spatial Join Processing on GPUs ", was accepted by IEEE's ICDE/HardBD'17 workshop. Click here for a local copy (8 pages, IEEE format).
[02/01/2017] I am serving on the program committees of the following conferences/workshop in 2017 (as of today): MDM'17, APWeb/WAIM'17, IPDPS/ParLearn'17.