CSc 83020 Special Topics on Computer Vision

Advances in Video Target Detection & Tracking

Spring 2010

Professor Zhigang Zhu
Department of Computer Science
City College of New York  and Graduate Center
The City University of New York (CUNY)

Time: Tuesday 11:45 am -1:45 pm  

Room: 3305
CRN Code: 10444
Credits: 3.0

Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 - 11:30 am, Rm 4439

Course Update Information

Course Description

The course will discuss the state-of-the-art of target (e.g., human, vehicle) detection, classification and tracking using vision and multimodal sensing.  We will review the major algorithms and methods for human and other target detection, classification and tracking from the most recent conference and journal papers (CVPR, ICCV, PAMI, IJCV, etc). The course will include several lectures by the instructor on the fundamentals, a few readings and presentations by the students, and a final project by each student.

Tentative Topics

1. Detection: Hypothesis Generation

1.0. Stationary Cameras or Mobile Vehicles?

1.1. Brute Force Approach: Sliding Window Technique

1.2. Motion: Background Subtraction or Optical Flow

1.3. Appearance/Color: Interest Point Detectors

1.4. Stereo: 3D Cues


2. Classification: Model Matching

2.1. Generative Models – a Bayesian Approach

    A. Shape, Texture and 3D Cues

    B. Exampar-based models: distance transformation

    C. GMMs and EM-based approaches

    D. Combined Shape and Texture Models

2.2. Discriminative Models- a Classification Approach

    A. Features (Wavelet, Codebook, HOG, Salient structures, Spatio-temporal features)

    B. Classifiers (a. SVM b. AdaBoost c. ANN …)

2.3. Integration of Generative and Discriminative Models

    A. A Mixed Generative-Discriminative Framework

    B. Pictoral Structures Approach

    C. Hybrid Body Representation


3. Tracking:  Temporal Association

3.1. Kalman Filtering

3.2. Particle Filtering

3.3. Integration of Classification and Tracking


4. Use of 3D, Motion and Multiple Cues

4.1. Monocular or Stereo?

4.2. Ground Plane Assumption

4.3. Building and Background Removal

4.4. 3D in Matching and Tracking

4.5. More on Multiple Cues

References and Readings (to be updated)

Tutorials on Basic Techniques

3D Computer Vision: Motion and Stereo
Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
Support Vector Machines: Hype or Hallelujah?, Kristin P. Bennett and Colin Campbell, SIGKDD Explorations, 2,2, 2000, 1-13
AdaBoost Tutorial / Yet another AdaBoost Talk
A decision-theoretic generalization of on-line learning. and an application to boosting. Yoav Freund. Robert E. Schapire. AT&T Labs
Gaussian Mixtue Models (GMMs)

Survey Papers

Monocular model-based 3D tracking of rigid objects. V. Lepetit and P. Fua, Source, Foundations and Trends® in Computer Graphics and Vision, 2005
Monocular Pedestrian Detection: Survey and Experiments. M. Enzweiler and D. M. Gavrila. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), available online: IEEE Computer Society Digital Library,, 17 Oct. 2008.

Multi-cue Pedestrian Detection and Tracking from a Moving Vehicle, Gavrila D., Munder S., IJCV(73), No. 1, June 2007, pp. 41-59.


Pedestrian Detection: A Benchmark, Piotr Dollár, Christian Wojek, Bernt Schiele, Pietro Perona, CVPR 09

Towards Practical Evaluation of Pedestrian Detectors, Mohamed Hussein, Fatih Porikli, Larry Davis, TR2008-088, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC RESEARCH LABORATORIES April 2009


Detections using Motion, 3D, Color and Multi-Cues

A Sensor for Urban Driving Assistance Systems Based on Dense Stereovision. Nedevschi, S. Danescu, R. Marita, T. Oniga, F. Pocol, C. Sobol, S. Tomiuc

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On page(s): 380-391, Volume: 10, Issue: 3, Sept. 2009

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Tracking/ Events /Behaviors

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Abnormal Crowd Behavior Detection using Social Force Model, Ramin Mehran, Alexis Oayama, Mubarak Shah, CVPR 09

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