Funded Projects
1.      NYC CrashMap Web-Based Tool (Completed, Sponsored by CityDOT) [Link]
2.      Incorporating Mobile Technology into the GPS/Web-GIS Method for Travel (Completed, sponsored by UTRC)
3.      Geospatial Data Integration and Visual Analytics of Severe Weather Impacts in Metropolitan Areas (Completed, Sponsored by PSC-CUNY)
4.      Building a Web-based Workflow Composition System for Geospatial Modeling in Support of Environmental Cyberinfrastructure Research (Completed, Sponsored by PSC-CUNY)
5 High-Performance Managing and Processing Large-Scale Geo-Referenced Data on GPGPUs (Sponsored by PSC-CUNY)
6  Parallel Spatial Indexing, Query Processing and Data Mining of Large-Scale Taxi Trip Data on Hardware Accelerators (Sponsored by PSC-CUNY).
7 Parallel Geospatial Data Management for Multi-Scale Environmental Data Analysis on GPUs (Sponsored by DOE VFP). 

8 Spatial Data and Trajectory Data Managment on GPUs (Sponsored by NSF IIS Medium Collaborative Research, $450k/4yr) [NSF Link]