NYC has more than 1.7 million crashes from 1998 to 2007. As part of the NYC Traffic Calming Measurement project, we have been working with the Office of Road Safety at the NYC Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) to develop a Web-based tool to efficiently manage crash records over the Web.  In addition to the system architecture shown below, a few snapshots are also provided to illustrate the functionality of the Web-GIS application.


System Architecture





























Snapshot 1: Overview
























Snapshot 2: Visualizing Pie Charts of Aggregated Crashes among Community Districts





Snapshot 3:  Mapping the Severity of Individual Street Segments



Snapshot 4: Querying Individual Fatal Crashes



Snapshot 5: Managing Street Projects





























Snapshot 6: Dynamic query (based on crash type, injury severity and time) and zonal aggregations




Snapshot 7:  Dynamic query (based on crash type, injury severity, time and interactively drawn polygon) of crashes at individual street segments and intersections