General principles

I want our message board (piazza) to be a friendly place where we can help each other out. To make sure this vision is realized as best as it can be, please help me in observing the following guidelines.

  1. When asking questions, perform due diligence first. That is, make sure you’ve done a bit of work to try to figure things out on your own before taking other people’s time and attention. At a minimum, make sure you’ve
  2. This specializes the above, but I think deserves special mention: read the project readme’s carefully! They were written carefully and deserve to be read with care.
  3. When answering questions, be humble and tactful, and think before posting! In particular, think carefully about how what you say is going to sound to the recipients, and try to avoid making people feel dumb or inadequate. No matter how much you know, you surely have a lot left to learn, and most everything you now know, you didn’t know always.
  4. In general, try to assume your peers have good intentions. Just because an answer is terse doesn’t mean it’s intended to be rude. Only you can prevent flame wars, haha.
  5. If you’ve asked a question, be sure to follow up, and please mark the question as “resolved” once you have a satisfactory answer.

NOTE: Your instructors are not exempt from any of these guidelines. If you think I’m being a jerk at some point, call me out on it!

When asking about git

If you are having issues with git, please be sure to include the following in your post:

Images + formatting

  1. Or better yet, startpage or duck duck go!

  2. The same applies to any other shell command you have trouble with.

  3. To facilitate, you may want to consider accessing piazza from within the virtual machine.