Peter Braß - personal information


I was born in 1967 in Hannover, Germany, went to school 1974-1986 in Osnabrück and Braunschweig, and studied mathematics with a minor in computer science at the Technical University Braunschweig. There I got my `Dipl. math.' (comparable to M.Sc.) in 1990, and my `Dr. rer. nat.' (Doctor rerum naturalium, latin for Doctor of Science) in 1992. Then I accepted an assistant position in the mathematics institute of Greifswald university, a small university in the former east germany, where I stayed 1993-1996, and obtained my `Habilitation' degree, with Paul Erdös as one of the external referees. In Greifswald I did mostly discrete and convex geometry, with some strange excursions to things like quantum logics added. In 1997 I came to the Theoretical Computer Science Group of the Free University Berlin, first funded as a Postdoc by the graduate program `algorithmic discrete mathematics', then as a Heisenberg research fellow by the DFG. Here, in the Free University Theory Group, I slowly changed from mathematics to computer science. Now I do mostly computational geometry. September 2002 I moved to the computer science department of the City College New York.

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