Senior Capstone I & II

Cryptography & Cryptocurrencies

CSc 59866/7: Fall 2020–Spring 2021

The City College of CUNY
Department of Computer Science

Instructor: Nelly Fazio
Email: fazio AT cs DOT ccny DOT cuny DOT edu

Fall 2020:
Lectures: Wednesdays, 10:00am–12:30pm, Online
Office hours: Tuesdays, 2:00pm–3:00pm, Online

Spring 2021:
Class Meetings: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 9:30am–10:45am, Online
Office hours: Thursdays, 11:00am–12:00pm, Online

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Course Description

In this two-semester course, students are grouped into teams to work on projects of practical importance in cryptography. The first semester starts by covering the basic principles and practices of information security. Teams will pick a topic for their project, based on their interests and on discussions with the instructor. After reading a selection of papers on the chosen topic, each group will narrow down their focus and outline a working plan for the design, development, testing, evaluation, and deployment of their project. Teams will demonstrate their understanding of the principles and algorithms of their chosen area in a class presentation, and will prepare a project proposals with specific deliverables and milestones for the completion of their software project. The second semester will focus on the implementation of the proposed projects.

A list of possible topics and suggestions for specific project will be discussed in class, however teams are welcome to propose other papers and topics. Each group should discuss the final choice of the topic and set of papers with the instructor.

PRE/COREQ: Senior year students only.

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course trains the students in the following directions:

List of Topics (tentative)


There is no required textbook.

Recommended textbook:

Grading (Fall 2020)

NOTE: Late assignment will not be accepted.

Grading (Spring 2021)

Weekly Schedule (Fall 2020)

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